[Whitepaper] Fundamentals of Fiber Cable Management

Service providers are continuing to build out high-bandwidth networks around the world. These networks use a great deal of fiber—the medium that meets both their bandwidth and cost requirements.

But just deploying the fiber is not enough; a successful fiber network also requires a well built infrastructure based on a strong fiber cable management system.

Management of the fiber cables has a direct impact on network reliability, performance, and cost. It also affects network maintenance and operations, as well as the ability to reconfigure and expand the network, restore service, and implement new services quickly.


This whitepaper provides an overview of the fundamentals to successful fiber cable management. If these concepts are executed correctly, the network can deliver it’s full competitive advantages.

A strong fiber cable management system will be able to provide:

  • Bend radius protection
  • Cable routing paths
  • Cable accessibility

  • Physical protection of the fiber network

  • And many more characteristics.

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