[eBook] Understand the Passive Infrastructure that Underpins Your Network

Global telecommunications infrastructure demand is continually advancing. Growth estimates predict the fiber optic market alone to be worth c.$3.72 billion by 2022. Predictions for the Internet of Things (IoT) also expect that by 2020, between 20 to 30 billion devices will be connecting to networks.

Staying up to date in a growing, ever-evolving market is difficult. To make the most of the opportunity, accessible passive infrastructure training is the gateway to success.

What Key Learnings Will You Takeaway From This eBook?

Designed to help both individuals and training managers stay ahead of the curve, this eBook explores:

  • The key benefits of passive infrastructure training and why you should invest
  • How online training enables you to stay up to date with a growing and evolving market
  • Specific benefits of online training for both individual and training managers
  • Recommendations on the best passive infrastructure courses to take

Instructions For Download

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