Fiber Performance Calculator: Calculate Your Link or Channel Loss

If you’re involved with fiber optic systems or cabling, you need a thorough understanding of how the losses of different components (i.e., cable, jumpers and connectors) intertwine to calculate the total link losses of a fiber optic channel.

So, we’ve created an Excel program designed to quickly and accurately calculate the link or channel loss in an innovative manner, and help you find the supported applications for the configuration.


By downloading the Fiber Performance Calculator users will be able to;

  • Calculate losses in 850nm and 1310nm transmission windows
  • Store as many configurations and results as they need
  • Support TAP (Traffic Access Point) modules
  • Translate from English to Spanish (more languages are on the way)
  • Provide three different interfaces
  • Show the supported distance for a set of common fiber applications (Ethernet and Fiber Channel)
  • Set default values to speed up the configuration definition
  • Send results easily to a technical manager (or to any other expert)
Free to download
User friendly Interface
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Instructions for download

To download the Fiber Performance Calculator, please submit the form on the left hand side. Your download will then begin.

You will receive a ZIP file containing all the necessary documents you will need in order to accurately calculate your link or channel loss. We advise that you read all of the supporting documents first before attempting to use the calculator.